MES-System for the optimization of your production process

PiSolutions™ offers a modular MES platform for companies running modern production facilities.

PiSolutions™ supervizes the production process and continually stores the required information in a relational data base. The analysis of the collected data allows for an immediate evaluation of the ongoing process and helps the decision of measures to be taken under critical situations.

PiSolutions™ is modular built. The various modules are continuously enhanced and if needed new features will be included. A support agreement allows the customer to always have his system on the latest standard.

PiSolutions™ in one glance:

  • PiSolutions™ is modular built and allows a stepwise expansion, the system grows as your production line extends.
  • PiSolutions™ is user friendly and flexible, any user who knows how to use a PC can work with PiSolutions™. The application can be tailored to the users need.
  • PiSolutions™ allows solutions in a heterogen environement using different make of control equipment
  • PiSolutions™ is a client/server system based on commercial available components from Microsoft. The system is Microsoft certified.