Company Profile

bfa solutions ltd is an engineering firm, founded in 1981, with a high level of competence in the area of industrial automation.
Our know-how is interdisciplinary and encompasses the classical use of automation techniques as well as state of the art IT applications.
This allows for the conception and realization of solutions from the shop-floor (PLC), through the data-centered collection of production data, all the way to interfacing with ERP systems and mobile applications.

Our MES platforms are not only suitable to connect production equipment of different age and type (different interfaces, different controls etc.), but also the link of different sites of global players of the industries. In parallel, there is also a large demand for our IT services from suppliers of automation equipment. Well-established solutions from bfa solutions ltd. are realised in the following industries:

  • Plastics processing (Injection moulding/extrusion)
  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • Food & Beverage
  • Watch industries
  • Foundries
  • Metal processing (drilling/milling machines)
  • Automotive

As many suppliers of automation equipment are struggling to fulfill the demand of programming and developments in higher SW speeches - bfa solutions ltd. is competent to close this gap. At this point it is an asset that the R&D department is not participating in daily operations business, but is fully focussing on individual customer projects.

Being involved in specific industries, e.g. the medical field - parts of our SW are FDA approved. Beside we have built up a large competence in the naval field when it comes to the development of controls and SW for ship gears.